Water Treatment Components & Chemicals

1.    Fine Bubble Diffuser

We are offering a wide series of Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser and fittings that are needed in daily life. The back stops of these valves to avoid counter flow and well equipped. It has PVC soft connector can be installed directly without and other auxiliary tools. They are operated very easily. They are working on the high oxygen transmission efficiency. They are very polymer and very easy to light.

2.    Coarse Bubble Diffuser

Coarse Bubble Disc Diffuser is used for aeration for waste water treatment. They are very simple and sturdy. Its upwardly convex dish is covered with the EPDM membranes, which encompassed the rim of the dish and perforate. They have a capability to work for a long time. They are used for die cutting. They are mounted with the stainless steel. They are very light in weight and easy for maintenance.


This Bio PAC Media is designed by using premium quality

of raw material. These are playing a vital role for residential and societies purpose. They have a clog free operation. They have some dead spots at the end of the pole. They can be installed for a long time. We serve these equipments in lots of designs. It has lots of membrane inside the main layer. It is activated with waste of the sludge water aeration. They are very light in weight and have a tendency of bio film. They have the process of self cleaning. They are used for water industries. Features:

  • Less sensitivity to shock loading
  • Clog free operation
  • No channels or dead spots
  • Provides high Bio – Surface Area
  • Make Bio-Reactors extremely compact
  • No backwash needed
  • No Sludge return Systems Needed
  • Longer Media Life
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Longer Media Life 

4.    Tube Deck Media

We are manufacturing and supplying an optimum quality of Tube Deck Media for our customers as per the need of them. Inclined tube media is used for water supply and drainage part of inlet material. They are not required any kind of packing. They are made of the hydrophilic material with laminar form.

5. Filter Press

We are counted amongst the renowned & trusted names in offering an exclusive range of Filter Press. These are designed by our team of experts using high quality material by latest technology. Our offered ranges of Filter Press are highly demanded. Features:

  • Electric control
  • Operate easily
  • High pressure

6.    Activated Carbon

Our carbon is used to an increasing extent in the treatment of water, waste water. Its primary role in this context is to adsorb dissolved organic impurities and to eliminate substances affecting odor, taste and color In halogenized hydrocarbons and other organic pollutants.

7.    Filter Media

Enhance offrers a range of high- performance filter media for general water & effluent treatment needs. Quartz and river sand are used as media with excellent removal efficency for suspended contaminants. Water is passed through a fixed bed of filter media where by the contaiminants are trapped inside intreconnecting void space and there by removed. The bed can be backwashed in cycles on a pre-determined pressure drop or backwashing can simply be done after fixed time intervals.

8.    E.M Solution

With hard-earned experience of our adept professionals, we are engaged in offering a precisely composed array of EM Solution. EM (Efficient Microbes) is a balanced culture of beneficial (pro biotic) bacteria. Our products are widely used for the sewage treatment plants, septic tanks and effluent water. These products are tested by our quality controllers on a series of parameters to ensure their effectiveness. The offered products can be obtained in safe packaging options.


  • Safe packaging
  • Long shelf life
  • Effectiveness

9.    Anti Scalant

Antiscalant is an additive injected in water before subjecting it to reverse osmosis. An antiscalant, as the name suggests, serves to delay the scaling of salts and particles such as calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and barium sulfate.

Scaling simply means the accumulation of the salt and particles on the membrane used in reverse osmosis, causing blockage. Most natural water will have high levels of salts and particles, and the addition of an antiscalant will make the process of reverse osmosis go smoother and faster.