1. Effluent Treatment Plant

Choudhary enviro equipments Retreat range of Effluent treatment plants expeditiously handle and treat the industrial effluent (Water mixed with waste) by successfully meeting necessitates of chemical and biological processes. Available in different specifications customized on clients demand and requirements after a complete evaluation. ChodharyEnviro equipments Retreat Effluent treatment plants are available ranging from a capacity of 1,000 liter per day and above.

These are the types of Effluent Treatment plant:-

»Chemical Effluent Treatment Plant

»Pharmaceutical Effluent Treatment Plant

»Automatic Effluent Treatment Plant

»Electroplating Effluent Treatment Plant

»Sugar Effluent Treatment Plant

»Dairy Effluent Treatment Plant

»Slaughterhouse Effluent Treatment Plant

2. Sewage Treatment Plant

We provide Sewage Treatment Plant with biological treatment for municipal, commercial and industrial waste water treatment and water reuse applications to meet the requirements of waste water treatment. The result is consistent, high quality effluent suitable for any discharge or reuse applications.

3. Compact Plant


Compact Sewage Treatment Plant is a complete unit, pre-piped, pre-wired and ready to install. Engineered to serve with minimal maintenance, and designed to meet the requirements of the state water quality agency. FRP, Epoxy or other chemically resistant coatings, together with dependable accessory equipment assure long life and low maintenance cost. And the best part is the resale value. These total units can be re- located to serve again.

These products are designed & developed using advanced technology, and are as per requirement based on raw sewage analysis report. We have an experienced team of engineers and technical experts who help us deliver updated and improved range of sewage treatment plants to the clients. Facilitated with the most modern machining centers and technologically aided systems, we are able to consistently deliver premium quality plants.

Other types of Sewage Treatment plant:-

»Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant

»Institutional Sewage Treatment Plant

»Activated Sludge Process Sewage Treatment Plant

»Prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plant

»Package Sewage Treatment Plant


Water Treatment Plant

1. Commercial and Industrial RO system

We offer clients a wide range of commercial and industrial RO systems that are designed and manufactured to meet the complete demands of our customers. Offered under Magnus Spring and Magnus Economic range, they come in different capacities including MG – 50, MG – 1000 and MG – 10,000.


»Suitable for all types of water like bore well, tap water or stored water

»Fully automatic operations

»Buit with SMPS to operate from 100-300V AC power supply

»T.D.S. of purified water is adjustable on site

»Purified water is adjustable on site to ensure minimum mineral contents Apart from this; we also offer various equipments and chemicals for water treatment.

2. Demineralization Water Plant



Demineralization Water Plant in various sizes ranging from 500 l/h upto 100 m3/h and above. These are manufactures using FRP pressure vessel, internal distribution and collection system, multiport or individual valves, piping, century for acid or alkali injection, solution tanks, for acid and caustic, test kit, conductivity meters etc. These units are available with multiport or individual valves.

We offer poly styrene di-vinyl benzene (resin) of either ion exchange make or lanxess make for better water quality.

3. Water Softening Plant

We are offering quality Water Softening Service. The Water Softening Service we offer is recommended amongst the clients for its reliability. Offered Water Softening Service is known for its timely execution and quality work. Moreover, we have maintained transparency in every business details, thus able to get repetitive orders from the clients.



»Cost effective

»Activated Sludge Process Sewage Treatment Plant

»Timely execution